Get Rajini-fied – Part 1

Initially it made me wonder, why rajini-fied?? Isn’t it a-bit too over exaggerated? And then there came the GIFs, the memes and IG. My IG was flooded with them! Every single story had “rajini-fied” … Okay maybe I am exaggerating but majority of his fans are in my IG! So DUhhhhhhh

In fact, after watching the trailer, I very much wanted to watch the movie myself. Well like all the 80s-90s kids, me too grew up watching Rajini movies. I remember watching Thalapathy when I was really young with my favourite late aunt and my mum. I guess I was only about 3 or 4 years old? Since I grew up in my grandma’s house for a while, I used to watch “Mannan” like a zillion times, that was because, it was her favourite movie. Besides Mannan, I watched Muthu, Arunachalam, etc in my grandma’s place. Another Rajini’s movie I watched several times, over 300-400 times was Padayappa. I remember, back then, it was recorded in the video cassette, I watched it almost everyday, over a year that I could remember every single dialogues in that movie. Me, not being a comedy fan, by far, that was the best comedy by him! However, that same year, I became Vijay’s fan after watching “Ninaithaen Vanthaay” and ever since he’s my favourite. I lose interest in watching Rajini’s movie after Lingaa though.

To be continued…..


Thalapathy or Thalavali – Chronicles of “Port Dickson”

Me : heyy I was the Thalapathy la (a leader)

My friend’s husband : You sure you are the Thalapathy and not Thalavali (headache)?? #facepalm

It all started with a random conversation during a wedding.

Looking back at the trip. Our travelling time seemed longer than the time we stayed there BUT it was one of the best trip I had in 2018.

So here’s how I became Thalapathy. I was the organiser for the trip. Which means, it started off with sorting out the dates till liaising with the driver. The communication with the driver was rather challenging. Well, obviously he was from my neighbourhood country, I had problems communicating with him in English. Worst still, I wasn’t that proficient in Malay too. I hated it when he me “sir” a couple of times! #facepalm. Apparently they started calling me “Thalapathy” when I was asleep in the car. And when I asked them why, they told me that my effort in communicating with the driver was commendable especially with my “broken Malay” ! Seriously girls ???

This trip was a fun filled trip with some relaxation as well as musical.

Question of the Day – No. 250

As I was answering questions from this blog site, I came across this intriguing question and thought of just blogging about it. If given a chance to change from your past, would you & why?

Yes indefinitely. As much as I don’t want to have any regrets, I mean who wants it right??? But that particular incident was a very regretful incident in my life.

As I was reading some comments and answers for this question, I envied some, especially when they grew from their unpleasant incident.

As for me, I was finding myself from growing apart from it.

Pointless Overthinking

If given a chance to change a moment from your past, would you? And what?

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Your Feelings Are Overrated.

Definitely a good read. It allowed me to reflect too.

Pointless Overthinking

We are often told to act in alignment to what we feel. How we feel. For whom we feel. This notion of acting in alignment with our feelings can be a dangerous mindset.

In fact, allow me to tell you that your feelings are completley overrated. They are unimportant.

Look, there are only 2 reasons to do things in life.

  1. Because it feels good
  2. Because you believe its something to be right/good

Sometimes these two reasons align. We do something that feels good and we know is the right thing/a good thing to do. We do it, and you and everyone else is happy and we all live happily ever after.

But more often, they don’t align. Doing something that feels good is much easier than doing something that doesn’t feel good, but we know is the right thing to do.

Doing something that feels good is easy, but isn’t…

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My Love for Chitra Ma

Not sure if its her personality, her voice or the songs she sang… but she is one and only lady in entertainment industry, I would love to give a BIG TIGHT HUG and tonnes and tonnes of kisses to! ❤ ❤ ❤


SHARING : By Nouman Ali Khan

Yousuf AS was incredibly good looking. Musa AS was unusually strong.

Yousuf’s gift was turned against him. It became the reason for so much grief in his life. Musa AS s strength became a great trial and brought him so much pain.

What Allah has gifted you and me with can be the source of a lot of good in our lives. But it may also be connected to our greatest turmoil. May be that’s what Allah will test us with most. But there’s more.

The devil knows your gifts too. And he wants to use people around you to turn those gifts and make them feel like a curse. Allah hasn’t just blessed you with outwardly goodness like looks, bodily strength, wealth or intellect. Sometimes He’s given you qualities like empathy or patience or kindness or a giving nature or a love of spreading goodness or an ability to be good counsel etc. The devil observes these qualities in you and he wants to rob you of them. How does he do it?

If you’re kind, the devil might incite some people in your life who you’ve been nothing but kind to, to be the worst towards you. If you’re a helper he may incite some you helped to strike at you as if you’re an enemy. If you’re a giver the devil might use someone you gave to accuse you of being greedy. If you’re a teacher he might use a student to call you ignorant. The bottom line is, he might use those you served or were good to in some way and get them to be bad to you. Our prophet SAW came with the message that binds hearts together and strengthens the bonds of kinship and family. Those closest to him in his family accused him of breaking families apart.

And why does the devil do this? So those gifts Allah gave you…the gift of giving or teaching or helping or being merciful or empathetic or caring or patient etc.. that you say to yourself that those aren’t gifts. They’re just something people take advantage of. They’re a curse instead. You should stop wasting your time and just care about yourself. Live your own life.

And in doing so he robs you of the gifts Allah gave you that you were supposed to use to please Him. Remember that those gifts are there so YOU find purpose. He wants to see how much you cherish these gifts. They’re not cheap and they’re not free. What pain caused by people are you willing to overcome to not let go of what Allah gave you? That will show to you and to your God what value His gifts hold in your heart. Don’t let the compassion that drives you to serve people be poisoned by their lack of appreciation or even their unjustified venom.

Don’t let your mind be overrun by those who hurt you. Let them be a dot in your rear view mirror that keeps getting smaller. You have much bigger things to do in life than letting the devil preoccupy you with those who tried robbing you of your gifts. Your best response to them is to ignore them and to do more good than you ever did before. Nothing burns them, and the devil, more.

Reflections before year end 03.

Sometimes you expect something from your dear one so much… but when they fail to do so, it hurts you so much! However, I realise that, we fail to notice that it may actually be done by someone else, or others !!! And the reason we fail to notice is because you are waiting for that dear one!

So in future, instead of getting hurt because of that dear one, appreciate and feel happy from that someone else instead, life will be good ❤